A Tech Love Affair – Day 5

I am starting to get used to Andrea’s style a little. She is different and does new tricks. For instance, I plug my headphones in and they fit snug. It’s like her lip part wrapped around my jack better than Izzy’s did. She also has a built in FM Tuner which is pretty cool when at the gym and tuning into the televisions. One thing I don’t like about these new generation relationships is all the social interaction. My era we were used to face to face talking…not all this Twitter, Facebook nonsense. Not only are there apps to download, but its like these phones out the package incorporate social networks. I clicked the screen and added my Facebook log-in not thinking anything of it a day or so ago. Today I looked into my gallery of photos to see my daughter, and why was there a carousel of Facebook photos people posted? Do I really want to get that close? Safe to say I removed my log-in info.

Web browsing is definitely faster, and I didn’t realize how much I missed not having flash until I surfed with this phone. As most Android users will tell you, it’s almost like having a little computer. I used to think it was a shameless cop out to admitting Apple’s superiority, but they are absolutely correct. I feel like I have a mini tablet in my hand, versus a phone.

I took my hands and caressed Andrea to get a feel for her. While running my fingers around her physique, I gently flipped her over. She was wide open to letting me nudge new batteries in her backside. I can tell you right now that was something Izzy was not fond of, so Andy gained points there. She even let me put it in her side SD slot. Izzy is a bit more conservative and won’t open up like that. She’s typically a one battery, one memory type gal.

Speaking of backside, I still haven’t inviting her into the bathroom with me yet. I don’t know if we’re at that point in our relationship yet. Maybe one day.

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