A Tech Love Affair – Day 9

Well the alarm works. Still working through basic features of Andy. I’ll admit that do like some things. I logged into Google Talk and did a video chat with my wife during a break at work. That was pretty cool. I know the new improved Izzy has that FaceTime stuff but this worked fine; especially WITHOUT using Wi-Fi.

My biggest gripe right now is battery life. As much as I like playing with her and all she can do, she can’t hang as long as my old faithful Izzy. Say what you want, but that old chick could go all day. Izzy has to take breaks and constantly needs a recharge. Not sexy at all.

Right now I’m conflicted. Part of me wants to still give Izzy a chance. She’s going in for surgery and coming out pretty soon. I don’t know if it will be June or October. What I do know is people are anxious, and my buddy is already salivating over what he dub’s as the next iPhone killer – the Samsung Galaxy S III. I’ve seen YouTube videos for it, and I really don’t see the hype. I’m sure Isabella 5 will be able to compete. In the past (from first iteration to the 4s) she’s shown she’s willing to lose weight (140g, 9mm thick), get new contacts (8MP camera), clear her face (1080p @ 30fps), gain a new attitude (Apple A5, 800 MHz processor, dual core, 512 ram w/64 GB internal storage) while still holding on to her core principles and morals (apps, screen layout, functionality). I guess only time will tell what the world’s most popular phone will do.

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