A Tech Love Affair – Day 11

No passwords required for GPlay downloads. That is a big plus as I am constantly forgetting my password to the iTunes store; especially being my wife and I have to share the same account. But that is the only positive I have today. This typing is starting to become a thorn in my side as it defeats the convenience of responding to email via a mobile device. I downloaded the WordPress for Android app, which seems to be a bit better than the one through Apple. The features are enhanced, and really give you a lot more capabilities than in the past. But all that is null and void because I cannot type on the damn thing. And the copy command sucks uranus. No ease of use there whatsoever. I don’t know if this is an Android specific problem or phone hardware related.

Another gripe. With this particular phone, there is no way to disable the shutter sound when taking photos. This gets pretty bad as one of my personalities doesn’t like when I sneak and take pictures of the other. That was a joke. People that know me know that I don’t like taking photos and one of my pet peeves is the infamous narcissistic bathroom mirror pose I despise. Anyways, I browsed through forums where people had the same problem. I found a hack for it, but hell wasn’t the point of Android the fact I wouldn’t have to hack?

Took Andy to the gym last night. I went to play a pick up game of bball. They had some speakers in the corner for an upcoming Zumba class. One of the guys plugged his phone in to pump some energetic music into the court. People took turns swapping their phones, and somebody asked me to put mine on. I looked at Andy, but was not ready to introduce her to my homey’s just yet. I haven’t even let her play with my kids yet. Everything is still too new. I was going to let Izzy shine since everybody knows about her, but she would start singing, “Nuh nana nana nana, no we didn’t.W-w-w-Word. No we didn’t” and those youngens would be lost. Or change the game up. Some usually start after 4-bars, go in. Start dancin’ in this mug. Come out of nowhere. I feel like Taye Diggs in Brown Sugar…torn between two. It has me asking myself when I fell in love with hip hop, and Izzy is winning the battle thus far. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for Andy.

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