A Tech Love Affair – Day 12

I thought about reactivating my Netflix account just to see how movies look on Andrea, but I’ve been boycotting them ever sense they got mannish and raised their rates. Heck they already didn’t get good releases, but I guess since they had a significant portion of that market that they would capitalize. I’ve decided to put them on punishment until their CEO resigns or Jesus returns; whichever comes first. Albeit I seriously doubt there would be a need for Netflix in heaven…or cell phones for that matter.

Today I’m really on one. Sitting here at Andrea’s house thinking about Isabella. No matter how much time I spend with Andy, Izzy is always on my mind. I compare her, and what she could do better. They say men never really appreciate the good ones until they walk out, and I find myself using Andy to browse info for Izzy 5. I guess with all the additional perks of Andrea, I find myself rationalizing getting the new improved Isabella, then jailbreaking her to add the features I like about Andy…if that makes sense.

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