A Tech Love Affair – Day 14

I took my son to basketball practice the other night. I tried to get them to play with each other behind the bleachers. Andy is new age, she was down for letting Izzy in her mobile hotspot. But I guess Izzy is a bit more conservative and wouldn’t go for it.  I think I’m tired of trying to make them connect. Should just be with Izzy and leave Andy alone.

Further, typing is becoming a huge big problem. I took wife out for adult milkshakes the other night. I wanted to update fb friends on something the bartender said to us. I couldn’t type on Andy because it takes too long. I had to wait until I was in a Wi-Fi spot and use Izzy.

I talked to a friend of mine that is pretty verse in Android. This friend told me to to root it and to get titanium backup to get all the bloatware off it. WTH? That went over my head. Once again I thought the purpose of Android was to avoid hacking it? Heck this made me just want to hack Izzy more. I ended up finding this mod that allows me to do the Android lock screen. Actual screen shown…and yes my name is Daddy!

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