A Tech Love Affair – Day 17

I think I may be slowly turning into an Android fanboy. I first downloaded Titanium Backup as a friend referred as well as Terminal IDE (which I think I may delete). Being familiar with modding Xbox’s, Wii’s, iPhones, whatever…bricking the device did not scare me. I’ve been around the electronic block. Just to make it a challenge, I decided to root her at work using this post and video.  This QBKING77 apparently dated Andrea before me. I don’t really like that he knows her so well, but I guess when you place your ego aside you can learn from anyone. Heck who knows if she will even be around for the long haul? I might as well get the most out of our relationship as tomorrow is not promised. I most likely will continue to follow his blog during my journey to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I managed to root her at work with success. I got sidetracked for a few hours as they actually expected me to work. What’s up with that? During that time I received an email from my buddy. Pretty cool video his son did using Action Movie FX. Unfortunately it’s only for Apple. I searched for an Android alternative and found Ultimate Special FX. Only problem isn’t compatible with phone. It’s like soon as I try to give Andrea a chance, Isabella brings some old tricks out the bag. Guess I’ll have to download it on her and play with her later. Sigh.

From entertainment to productivity – I downloaded Alarm Clock Ultra after reading an article entitled “Alarm Clock Ultra Is Arguably The Best, Most Comprehensive Android Alarm App Out There.” I was wondering why there was so much hype about an alarm, but let me tell you waking up to “I got a honey bun, no not a chick, I got a honey bun, millions n I got couple hundred ’em, ninety-nine problems prick, don’t become the hundredth one” will get you amped. This alarm has a TON of features from playing mp3s to having puzzles for the snooze button. I definitely recommend.

My next adventure was adding the infamous Dre Beats to my phone. Why? Hell just because it sounds cool to have it on there, duh. I tried the later part of the day, but ran into a small glitch. Decided I would finish later at home. Found a  forum string which walked me through it. But first I had to do the clockwork mod. Sigh again. I sure hope I don’t have to do anything else. Even though easy, getting a tad bit annoyed. Oh well, that’s the modding process for ya. Overall I can’t complain. Keep in mind I completed 95% (depending on what school district you graduated from) of this post at work, so Andrea gets a big thumbs up for simplicity!

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