A Tech Love Affair – Day 18

I love the fact Andrea plays nice with my friends. I can email (or Google Drive) files, such as mp3’s, directly from my phone to a friend of mine. I also like the ability to download mp3’s directly to the device. That is very convenient, however her audio leaves a bit to be desired. Through this journey of discovering Andrea, I feel like going into an unfinished furniture store. You have to see the beauty in it being bare, then add your own wood stain.

This has become a long drawn out process trying to get Beats Audio on her. During the process I received, what in the computer world is known as the blue screen of death, this dead Android, yellow triangle with an exclamation point thingie. When I first say it, I chuckled thinking about my post the day before when I bragged about not caring if a bricked it…and here I sit with a look of fear as my device won’t cut on. I popped her backside, removed the battery, and tried again until she acted the way I liked. Then my pride set in and I continued my quest to introduce my digital girl to beats. It’s like once men get this digital fantasy in our heads, we can’t get it out. I utilized this post, and after many tries I still no success. Andrea is being a little stubborn right now. For some reason, her playing hard to get is a turn on.

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