A Tech Love Affair – Day 20

In route to work this morning I managed to dodge (literally by feet) a guy who ran a red light. Then approximately 30 seconds later, on a one-way street, a truck came towards me the wrong way. Awesome. If this was a precursor to my day, then I was in for trouble. Of course when you’re stressed, sometimes it seems your girl’s biological clock tells her it’s time to nag. Yes Andrea and I fought all last night. I tried everything I could find to get through to her. Every forum told me to flash the SBF using RSD Lite. I tried several iterations of RSD, along with different SBF files and she still was acting stubborn.  After fondling her until 3am with no love in return, I decided I needed intervention. I decided to take her to the Sprint store. Hopefully they won’t notice I’ve been tampering with her. After all, like one of my favorite forum signatures states – It’s not truly yours until you void the warranty!

How would I approach the guys at Sprint? Do I go in like the timid customer, not knowing how my clumsy self could have locked my phone up and refer to Android as Droid inaccurately? Or do I go in like the irate, bat out of hell customer who wishes they would have stuck with their original faithful phone and that any new technology is an inconvenience? Walk in there like Arlo Pear (Richard Pryor) in Moving when he told Cornell Crawford (Randy Quaid) – I want you to take this big red m*********** and put it back in your garage, you understand you son of a b*****? And go to the store and get a human sized mower!

I decided I’d save my Pryor for a backup plan, and went in like I was computer illiterate. Stroke their geeky ego’s and make them think they are teaching me something. As I waited for the results from Andrea, one of the employees attempted to explain to me why the Samsung 10.1 tablet was so much better than the “resolutionary” iPad3. I tend to think after my experience with Andrea that I probably would prefer her in tablet form, but we’ll cross that road later. I want to at least get her working in this current relationship before I start thinking about a longer commitment. As I fantasized about our future, I wondered what the test results would be. I returned an hour later, and one look on their faces told me everything I needed to know. Unfortunately my suspicions were correct; she was corrupt beyond repair and would have to be replaced. And this particular clinic has a 14 day return policy (you see what day it is on this post). Sigh. I guess I have to pay the replacement fee. But that has to wait until Friday. She’s on punishment until then!

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