A Tech Love Affair – Day 22

Another day without Andrea, and oddly I don’t really miss her. Ok I did have a brief, self-reflective LL moment yesterday, but she hasn’t become a staple in my life like Isabella. I’ve played with Isabella a little these past couple days, but nothing serious. Just checking email, wrote some notes, and listened to music like we used to. I planned on taking Andrea back to the clinic on Friday and getting her digital penicillin.

Ended up taking my lady out for Beeritas (apparently a Texas thing). I chuckled to myself thinking about how my lady will not be in a favorable mood unless she eats and her blood sugar is elevated. Hmm. I think I read somewhere that Andrea must be fully charged before flashing. I stopped charging because I was tired of the splash screen freezing, but decided I’d just keep it plugged in for a few hours, and try one last time. I waited until everyone was sleep in the house, laid her across the ottoman where my laptop was, gently plugged my USB, and began serenading her. We went back and forth for a while, but eventually she conceded and opened back up for me. I found her SBF spot, and made note of it.

Just like a guy, what did I do less than 5 mins from getting her logged back on? I proceeded to root her again. Yes, I know. But in guy logic, this time I’ll just take it slower and keep trying to force the issue until she likes it. Meanwhile I noticed Isabella is starting to get an attitude and drag her feet. I said, “Look I got ice, ridiculous price. Your camera has never saw a picture this nice. Hmm. I’m fishin’ and the vixens will bite. It’s probably cuz my game is Fixodent tight. Right.” Yep, I’m acting brand new. You didn’t notice the ‘S’ on my chest??

One thing to note. When I tried to root the first time, I was unsuccessful with my laptop (64 bit). I figured I must’ve done something wrong because it worked fine on my work laptop (32 bit). But I’m starting to think there may be some problem with the 64 bit driver I have because I experienced the same problem. It’s like it doesn’t recognize the device connected. I went into my office and booted my old 32 bit PC and it worked flawlessly. I don’t know if that was user error, or if I didn’t read the small print. In any case, we’re back in business.

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