A Tech Love Affair – Day 24

Today I didn’t do anything significant. My friends (multiple ones) seem to be taking sides with this Android/Apple thing. The Apple guys always comment on my posts with comments to me like, “See, that’s why I stick with Apple” whereas the Android guys understand that there is a light that some Apple guys refuse to see. In any case, I’ve had three people question me to why I root. I asked my internet daddy (Google), and came up with The Top 10 Reasons to Root as well as the Top 15 Apps to Install After You Root and The 10 Best Android Apps that Make Rooting Your Phone Worth the Hassle. After all that, I like my answer better – it’s because I can!

How I am somewhat getting the hang of this, frustration did set in with a icon issue I’m having. For some reason all my apps aren’t showing; only the recent ones I download (dl folder). These little idiosyncrasies are extremely irritating. I think sometimes too much customization can also be a curse of sorts. The simplicity of Isabella is apparent in her huge customer base. Somewhat like how you notice everybody else driving the car you purchased, I am starting to notice everyone with iPhone’s now, and at times I feel homesick. I feel like I let a good girl go for the sake of some cheap new tricks. However, while attempting to fix this icon issue and reviewing the help, I ran across this WebTop feature. Mind you I already knew that I could use my HDMI port to hook her up to my flat screen, but this program is more robust and really intrigued me.

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