A Tech Love Affair – Day 27

Excited about the possibilities of WebTop, I rummaged through my drawer looking for an HDMI cable that I thought I had and sadly realized I didn’t. I went to Amazon and located a Micro HDMI cord sold by HandHeldItems which came with a free stylus. The stylus has a 3.5mm plug to keep you from losing, which seems like a pretty neat concept but only time will tell. Regardless, I am all for bargains the the total including shipping was under $10, so I’m happy.

I ran across a fitness app that sounded interesting called Zombie, Run!. Using GPS, it locates your current location and you pick a destination. There are options for speed, and I assume (because I never read the directions) that you are hypothetically running from these zombies. I used it a mile from home, driving, and it stated I arrived safe. I don’t know what I was expecting…maybe more visuals? Or maybe I didn’t click the right spot. In any case the novelty of the app captures your interest at first. I’ll have to dedicate more time to figuring it out.

I still hate the stock text. I’ve been using chompSMS and it is ok I suppose. Still seems like a cheap imitation of Isabella…no matter how much I tweak it. If you have a better customization, please leave feedback and let me know. I’ve grown fond of Isabella’s GUI.

Even though I feel Isabella is a lot more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, I’ve been trying to give Andrea a fair shake. I’ve downloaded numerous apps to see how they are in comparison to her counterpart. I tend to be more fond of the Android versions surprisingly…but keep in mind I have an old (jailbroken) version of Isabella as well. Here is a short list of some apps I downloaded that I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts. All are worth taking a look at…

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