A Tech Love Affair – Day 28

Twas the night after Memorial Day,
conducting business in the house.
My phone did nothing spectacular today,
maybe I should throw her out?

Nothing exciting happened this day. Boring day in the relationship where we just sat around talking. I did notice that Andrea closes her eyes when I put my face next to her, and opens them when I retract. That little screen feature is awesome. Something so simple. Tally mark for Andrea. I tried to use Vtok, which got numerous bad reviews but I tend to like it better than the stock Google Talk as it gives you the full screen option. The only caveat is the way it hogs system resources. I let my youngest son meet Andrea for a little bit, but he wasn’t impressed. He prefers Isabella because she likes to play Super Why! and TeamUmizoomi with him. Isabella is just better with kids. Tally mark for Izzy.

On to music. I don’t know if Isabella necessarily plays music better, but I’ve become accustom to her style. Andrea is taking a while to grow on me. I heard people in forums talking about this Equalizer app that is supposed to enhance your listening experience. It received relatively good reviews, but for me it kept crashing for some reason. Oh well…I guess I have to try to install this Beats Audio one last time. I know what you’re thinking. It almost ruined my relationship last time, so why try again? Well the answer is simple. It takes a lot to be my woman. To be on this team, through all the ups and downs of cellular wars, you have to be a Ryde-Or-Die Chick. Ordinarily I’d learn my lesson and back everything up, but the highly suggested Titanium Backup seems to nest all the good features in their paid version. Sigh, I miss Cydia. Another tally mark for Izzy, but I didn’t let this discourage me. I searched for alternatives and I kept hearing people talk about this Nandroid Backup. I found a site that had a “Nandroid Backup Review” and another site that showed “How to perform and restore  Nandroid Backup“…which eh. Seems like more hassle than worth right now. Maybe when I get into deeper rooting?

For now, I’ll just grin and bear it. I think a lot of my problem the last time was a battery under 90%. This time I remembered how Andrea is the type of girl that likes to eat first, so I got her nice and full, then went through the process again and bam…she was receptive and it installed (or so it said). This particular app doesn’t leave an icon or anything of the sort, so at first it is difficult to discern if it is installed. It sounds better, but that may very well be the placebo effect. Quite frankly I feel like I wasted my time on it. But on a positive note, I did discover additional options within the stock player such as turning a mp3 into a ringtone, sharing via one click (which creates a tiny url you can SMS to a friend), various playlist options, and the ability to post to a social network. Pretty cool, and overall more features than Isabella had. I also downloaded WinAmp (which I use on my regular PC from time to time). Highly recommend! Wish I would have started there, versus all this Beats Audio crap. The pro version gives me…

* 10-band graphic equalizer
* Customizable home screen
* Browse by Folder
* Crossfade
* Gapless playback
* Support for FLAC playback in Folders View (lossless audio playback)
* Replay Gain
* Personalized station recommendations
* Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only)
* No ads

There is even some sort of wireless sync to my PC that I’m experimenting with as I type this. I’m good for now. Another tally for Andrea. This day was a draw, but Andrea ended it with momentum. She’s in my head now. Starting to think about her more. Maybe she’s winning me over?

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