A Tech Love Affair – Day 29

Hold ‘er, mold ‘er, make ‘er feel older
Lay her on my shoulder
Everything I told her
Makes her feel secure whenever I’m wit’ ‘er
And you know how I did ‘er
Me and the rhythm hit ‘er

I woke up to Rakim via an alarm this morning. I’m quite fond of Alarm Clock Ultra. This is the last day before the big decision. It’s like my bachelor party night. I have to decide if I am going to go with Andrea…or pull a Dwayne Wayne at the last minute and scream…WHITLEY I LOVE YOU AND IF YOU’LL HAVE ME I WANT YOU TO BE MY WIFE…BABY PLEASE, PLEASE…and run back to Isabella.

Before I make my final decision, I want to make sure I dedicate this day to Andrea. Everything on my honey-do list I ended up completing. I managed to silence the camera sound downloading this Enforced Stream Silencer APK. It was a relatively simple fix. As I dug deeper into Andrea’s psyche, I located a lot of info on roms. I located a site called The Unlockr that has numerous roms for various phones. I ran across an article entitled – How to Choose the Right Android ROM for You. After reading a few lines, I realize that I no longer have that drive to go that deep anymore. Maybe it’s an age thing. I want all the perks, but don’t want to put in all that extra work. Typical guy I suppose.

On the brighter side, I’ve located some gems. I discovered a few (of many) sites for free APK files: FreeAPK, APKTOP, Android Freeware, FreeAndroidWare, APK Pedia, Apk Android Games, TorrApk & Android Downloadz. I’ve personally tried an APK from each site listed with no problem. I mainly look for productivity apps, but I also put games on there for my kids (self) like Where’s My Water, NBA Jams, Bejeweled 2 and a few others that I already have on Andrea. I could give you the links, but what fun would that be? I will say that depending on which one you use, some of them have ads. It’s a minor thing as it’s only when the game boots, but if you’re obsessive like me that will irritate you.

Overall, Andrea impressed me today…giving me a little taste before the big day. This has definitely influenced my decision.

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