A Tech Love Affair – Day 30 (part I)

I’m at day 30 of this tech tryst, and I have a lot to reflect on. As difficult as this choice may be, things could be much worse. I could be sitting here trying to debate who had the worst single; Eddie Murphy or Deion Sanders? When it all boils down to it, they are just two different type of girls. Isabella is the type of girl you bring home to momma. She’s the safe bet. Andrea on the other hand is a bad girl and will let you do almost anything you can think of. You’re only limited to your imagination. When it boils down to it, you pretty much have to decide what type girl you want. It is pretty difficult to discern who is better because of the subjective nature of the question. So I will compare them for 12 rounds in this cellular Thrilla in Manila.

Isabella comes in different flavors, but she’s a real girl. Meaning, what you see is what you get. There are no upgrades going on unless you’re trading her in for a new model. At first this bothered me, but after a few years with her I never really noticed nor missed the ability to flip her over and pop her trunk. Not to mention, she also charged really fast. Conversely, Andrea has a slot for a SD card. This is cool in the event, like I’ve done in the past taking too many pics/videos of the kids, you need some additional memory. It’s also good for backing up data. Along with the SD card, Andrea is open to you playing with her backside and inserting batteries. Granted her batt gets hotter than Isabella’s, but the ability to replace or get a secondary one for emergencies is a nice option. Due to flexibility and custom-ability, Andrea wins round 1.

Well Isabella comes with marinated lamb, lettuce, tomato, onion wrapped in warm pita bread and drizzled with this Greek tzatziki sauce that is also good for dipping your fries in. No seriously, I’ve tried several games and other apps and didn’t notice any difference in the internal gyroscope for Isabella vs Andrea. Since I can’t gripe and they are both responsive to my needs, this round is a tie.

Even though my stylus ended up being crap, that had no bearing on this decision. Since Isabella’s been in the game so long, she dominates this area. Isabella comes from a well to do family. They’ve branded their name so well people refer to mp3 players as iPods; similar to how people refer to tissue paper as Kleenex. I was at the store the other day and saw an iPhone projector. It was a little dock you can place your iPhone in to project (DLP) on a wall, screen, etc. They are always coming up with new gadgets for it, and the majority of stores have products catered to Isabella. In a landslide, Isabella throws a head shot that makes Andrea fall off balance, and wins this round decisively.

There over 500,000 Apple Apps. But as of October 2011, there were also over 500,000 Android apps as well. It appears that going the open source route really paid off. As of December 2011, the estimated downloads exceeded 10 billion. Initially I was going to give this a tie simply because Isabella’s interface is so user friendly that the apps just shine. But the more I compare equivalent apps on Android, I can’t see a noticeable difference. Due to the availability of apk’s (via a Google search), the winner in the app war in a slight edge goes to Andrea for this round.

When I first started this journey, I thought there was no way I could be unbiased. It was apparent Isabella was the people’s champion. The dumbest person could navigate efficiently, and there are enough Easter eggs within to keep a semi-tech guy happy. However after I became comfortable touching Andrea and installed GO Launcher Ex, I learned her themes give you much more control over than my jailbroken Izzy. One major customization is folder management. Apple listened to hackers. People who jailbroke their phone had nested folders way before the actual iOS made it available. Even so, the way it’s done with Andrea makes so much more sense as you can not only drag them into folders, but pick from a small window/checkbox. It’s hard to explain, but once you nest one, you see how much more powerful it is than Isabella. Another benefit of Andrea is the use of widgets. These widgets are extremely helpful…or annoying depending on what you load. Something as small as an animated weather widget or calendar with task reminders is very useful. You can create widgets for about anything. I have an ESPN widget that keeps me abreast of the top sports stories and gives me instant access to new/popular video highlights. But this is a personal liking, and may change depending on the user. Some people may prefer the simplicity and layout of Isabella instead. Because this is such a subjective category and it really depends on your tastes, this round is a tie.

This will be a controversial round. The main gripe with Isabella fan’s is the inability to view sites that utilize Flash. Being with Izzy for so long, I rarely missed this feature as most websites were optimized for mobile browsers to have an alternative view. However once I played with Andrea, I felt I had been missing something as the pages seemed more like I was browsing on a PC than a phone. I initially liked this, but then I have to deduct points for an illegal blow due to speed and ease of use. I’ve tried different browsers on both (Mini Opera, Dolphin HD, etc) but they all function relatively the same. I’ve become accustom to Isabella’s layout on Safari, and it’s ease of use is missed when I play with Andrea. One thing I do frequently is email pages to my wife & friends. Andrea makes it more difficult than it has to be. This round had many blows back and forth, but ends in a tie.

We will continue the round coverage tomorrow…

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