A Tech Love Affair – Day 30 (part II)

The first 6 rounds were worth the price of admission as the two went back and forth. It’s too early to tell who will take it all. Will the people’s champ Isabella return as the victor? Or will the new and rising star Andrea put up a good fight and contend for the belt?

Oh my gosh Becky, look at her butt…it is so big. Some of kids in this generation remember this as Sir Mix A Lot’s breakout commercial song. Granted he was never the best MC, but people in my era remember him before he changed his style up and his claim to fame was – My Posse’s On Broadway. Sometimes things were just better the way they were without changing it up. I was very fond of Isabella’s interface, but when I look at it she was somewhat like Sir Mix A Lot; I just tolerated her. The proprietary iTunes crap bothers me. If your product is that good, don’t force people to hack the phone and come up with cheap third party alternatives. I made it work, but should I have to jump through all those hoops? With Andrea there are multiple mp3 options including the ability to play on other devices, SMS using tiny url, post to social network and email. There are also various applications to enhance the experience such as mp3 players (e.g. WinAmp) and various equalizers. And…Andrea has a built in FM Tuner which really comes in handy at the gym. Andrea trumps Isabella in this round.

Andrea has more features built into the stock program such as shutter speed, lighting, effects (sepia, b/w), portrait, landscape, etc. Video is the same with options for different scenes such as a concert, narrative & subject. However I noticed there was no option to trim/crop if too big to email. I’ve become used to this with Isabella, and it was a pretty simple interface that allowed you to trim to meet email size specifications. Andrea simply tells you the file is too big and that’s it. To combat this, I can simply upload to Google Drive and share with friends. Andrea also lets you rename the images and videos. Something so small, but makes a difference. But I’ll give credit when it’s due. Isabella Apple (yes Apple is her last name) comes from a family known for creativity. Their software integration (with Macs) and ability to manipulate videos/photos has a pretty good track record. The two battle it out, but this one ends in a tie.

Sometimes you just have that one that can do what no others can. Once I had a taste of Isabella, everything else was a cheap imitation. I tried to give Andrea multiple chances, but it is just not the same. And using Swipe makes about as much sense as picking up phrases from the Klingon Language Institute – nuqjatlh? Yes there are many Isabella text themes out there, but like Burger King fries they never seem to quite get it right. Isabella’s interface is simple, intuitive, and just works. Everything from the notifications to sending photos is more fluid and user friendly. After all, who needs to be that technical with a text? We just need it to work right and be aesthetically pleasing. Isabella wins this round.

I think we get so wrapped up with phones we forget their initial intention – to talk. I can’t really say one is better or worse than the other. They both seem to get the job done. Andrea’s screen gets dim when you face touches it. Since I have an old Isabella, I don’t know if the new iterations do this. In any case, this one is a draw.

I like the interface of Isabella a lot better. I also like the functionality of it better. I can type and navigate through it more efficiently. Then there are little things like changing my Google name to have (mobile) next to my name in parens. It’s just better with Izzy. However, Andrea’s ability to (1) attach more then 5 photos and more importantly (2) attach ANY type file from a file folder is invaluable. It’s a battle for the ages, but too close to call. Another draw.

The last round came. The two girls walked to the center of the ring and touched gloves as the crowd applause grew louder. You could definitely tell there were fans for both girls present, and the losing camp was ready to spit harsh criticism as they adore their fighter. I sat and looked at my two girls who were fighting over my attention, and began to reminisce about our relationships. Isabella makes life simpler. You don’t have to think with her because it seems like she just gets you. But after you customize Andrea, you really can see the potential. To plug your device into your laptop, transfer files as you would a USB, edit Word docs, etc…Andrea is the clear cut champion. I have Docs to Go & Quick Office Pro on Isabella, and trying to find things nested in those folders is a pain. Granted you can sync with a desktop app and the interface is prettier, but you can’t trust a big butt and a smile. By that I mean Isabella looks good but makes you jump through more red tape, whereas Andrea is a bit more open to things. Further for me personally, I am a G-head so I use Google Calendars, Google Drive, Google everything. Of course you can integrate Google Calendars with Isabella’s stock calendar (or other calendar apps), but it’s just not as integrated and fluid as it works with Andrea. Her gameplan this round was to score points with jabs, and Andrea comes away with this final round.

The crowd waited in anticipation. As the camera panned past the ring, you could see Windows 7 Mobile at ringside patiently waiting for their chance to get in the ring. The announcer came out, grabbed the mic with vigor and stated, “Let’s give it up for these two ladies. After 12 rounds of non-stop action, we have a split decision. We go to the scorecards. Judge 1 scores the bout 118-116 in favor of Isabella. Judge 2 scores the bout 117-116 in favor of Andrea. Judge 3 scores the bout 117-116, in favor of the winner….and NEW cellular champion Andreaaaaa!”


R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 TOTAL
Isabella 9 10 10 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 10 9 116
Andrea 10 10 9 10 10 9 10 10 9 10 10 10 117

Well my 30 days has ended. Android won this battle and has temporarily won me over. However, I do sense a rematch in the works when the new Isabella (5) comes out. For the time being, I will relish in this win with my girl, and will continue to post new findings and cool things in this TECH LOVE AFFAIR directory. Thanks for coming on this journey with me. Hopefully something I said during this relationship helped you in making a decision if you were on the fence!

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3 responses to “A Tech Love Affair – Day 30 (part II)

  1. Remember Rome, you are coming your iphone 4 to the latest anroid. now, compare it to the iphone 4s, which i personally don’t think there is a huge difference. I would like to see the latest roid go up against the iphone 5 when it comes out. i am definitely interested in learning more about android.

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