Top 10 TV Shows of 2012 – (part I)

I recently ran across People Magazine’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2012. The list was so bad I refuse to even provide a link to it. But looking at their list I thought to myself…this is such a subjective category. Thus in memory of Top 10 Tuesdays, I bring you my Top 10 TV Shows of 2012.

People Magazine stated technically their list included a 15-way tie for 10th place. When creating this list I ran across the same dilemma. I technically have 4 candidates for 10th place that could be interchangeable any given day.

So without further adieu…

Justified, Dexter &  Breaking Bad all have valid reasons for securing my #10 slot depending on what day you ask me and what mood I am in. However I have to go out on a limb today and list Teen Wolf as my #10 pick. Yes I am admitting publicly that I watch this teenybopper show so don’t laugh. This is a highly addictive show, and quite frankly done a lot better than the Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf that we grew up with. What I love is the creativity and how they take a smaller budget and use camera angles and lighting to make it look bigger. The humor keeps it from getting too dark, but definitely a lot more graphic than TW of the 80s. Extremely smart show, and more importantly it makes you want to watch each episode to see how the story unfolds.

Very relationship driven show with good plot lines. Currently they have this cancer storyline which to me shows a lack of creativity and weakness in writing. That’s too easy to draw emotion and it is has been overdone and over dramatized. Even so, I love the variety in characters, and adding Ray Romano was brilliant. I probably would have ranked the show higher, but when looking for images of the cast, there are numerous cast shots with Joy Bryant missing. What’s up with that? I won’t even go there. You can read between the lines.

Burn Notice
How can you not like BN? Matt Nix is a genius, and some of my military buddies concur. I was getting tired of it, but bringing in the annoying Sonja Sohn from The Wire was a nice touch. Plus when has a show, since MacGyver, made you feel like you could actually do what they do? Well maybe not with BN, but the narration is engaging.

This one took me by surprise. I watched it on a whim spending time with the mrs, and ended up getting more addicted than her I believe. It was a brilliant idea to pit an aging female superstar who is watching the world lose interest in her against a young girl who is walking in her footsteps and taking her attention. You’ll always have that young girl I think I’m smart, vs the older woman who trumps them with life experience. One superstar is losing what she had, the other trying to gain what the other has. It is constant drama and good stuff…aside from the music.  <sigh>

6. SUITS –
This seriously captivated me from the jump due to the plot. A young man (Patrick J. Adams) with a photographic memory who uses his talents for side hustles gets offered an opportunity to work (illegally) in a law office by an attorney (Gabriel Macht) who sees potential in him. His self-righteousness gets annoying at times, as well as how he continues to ignore his feelings towards his love interest (Meghan Markle), but the show is written cleverly, and the cast has wonderful chemistry. Actress Gina Torres plays the firm owner and is a likeable character, but actor Rick Hoffman is absolutely brilliant in his role and steals the show in my opinion. I hope they continue to captivate my interest, but wonder how long they can sustain the suspense of the plot.

Check back tomorrow for the top 5 on the list!

(or click here for 1-5)


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